Being Compliant

Compliance for Profit - Making Compliance Make Money

A National Advisor Compliance and Governance Summit

Compliance is a hot topic today. So hot in fact, that it is burning out advisors. Many feel that they cannot be compliant and in business at the same time.

Fortunately, advisors and agents can thrive using compliance to help them to build their businesses - many of our expert speakers have done just that. Advisors just need to know the strategies and tactics that master advisors use to leverage being compliant to their advantage while staying ahead of tomorrow's more compliance oriented regime.

Staying ahead - way ahead, means that you minimize any worries about business practices and sales today or being judged by the business and sales compliance standards of tomorrow ... as appears now to be happening. Advisors can make their practices future compliance problem resistant.

The advisor online community, "For Advisors Only", proposes the holding of a one-day event (date TBC) on the topic of the way that advisors can be compliant today and remain compliant into the future. The vision, to build a better business and industry by building compliant advisors who do better.

The theme for this Summit will be using compliance regulation and requirements and business governance principles as levers to provide better client service and increase income at the same time. This way, when something goes wrong - and it often does, advisors won't have to worry. Those who are not, will have to worry about being judged based on the standards in effect at the time the business was written rather than when the service was rendered or the product sold.

This FAO event - Being Compliant - Compliance for Profit will be as much about practice governance - the underlying philosophy of business building and operation, as it is about dealing with the specific rules of today's compliance regime. It is a must attend for any advisor or agent who wants to prosper professionally into the future.

Top speakers will cover how to apply advanced compliance strategies to all parts of the professional sales process. Topics discussed will include:

  1. Always operating using the Client Best Interest Standard assures that your services are at the highest professional standard and creates client confidence
  2. Compliant Prospecting methods and approaches to ensure you get the right prospects on a professional, compliant basis

  3. Compliant Fact-finding to ensure you know what you need to know to make the recommendations you want to make - It's not a one-time event
  4. Compliant Presentation strategies to ensure advisors only make promises they can keep and do not over promise
  5. Taking and writing bulletproof applications that minimize underwriting problems and maximize claim payments
  6. Proper Disclosure to set the stage for a mutually beneficial, long term business relationship effectively and profitably
  7. Dealing with underwriting as the client's agent to ensure the best underwriting result that does not have to be revisited again at the worst possible time - claim
  8. Compliant Policy Delivery to ensure policies are in force and in effect and claim payment is assured
  9. Staying compliant with annual reviews and service to update portfolios in line with changing needs and industry trends and standards
  10. Working effectively in line with CRM2, CASL, DNCL and PIPEDA regulations to avoid violations and fines

Compliance does not have to be a stumbling block to business ease, success and profitability. Properly considered, compliance can instead be a stepping stone and springboard to bigger and better advice and success.

The Being Compliant Summit will open the eyes of advisors and give them the specific tools they need to be better and do better. The result for agents, advisors, companies and MGAs will be more and better business, less embedded liability, fewer claims, less downtime for defense, more time to sell and service and more business peace of mind.

That will take the heat off and make the business better for everyone.