Being Compliant

Compliance for Profit - Making Compliance Make Money

A National Advisor Compliance and Governance Summit

Compliance is a hot topic today. So hot in fact, that it is burning out some advisors. Many feel that they cannot be compliant and financially successful at the same time. proposes the holding of a one-day Compliance Summit (date TBC). The vision, to help agents and advisors increase both their level of compliance with Rules, Regulations, the Client Best Interest Standard and the principals of Best Practice and to be more profitable by doing so.

Speakers and Round Table Discussions will cover how to apply advanced compliance strategies to all aspects of insurance and financial advisory practices and the ways that the most successful agents and advisors use compliance as a lever to a higher level of client service and increased profitability.

Compliance does not have to be a stumbling block to business ease, success and profitability. Properly implemented, compliance can instead be a stepping stone to more suitable advice and increased success.

That will take the heat off of agents and advisors and make the business better for everyone.